We service and deliver to these areas:
  • Phoenix
    Mount Edgecomb

  • Sunningdale
    Avoca Area

  • South Gate
    Mount Moriah

  • Mt Edgecomb Golf Estates

  • Kindlewood, Ottwa

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  •  Enquire  within about our added clinical services ............

    1. In Store promotions on a range of products 
    2. Blood Pressure Checks for R15
    3. Blood Sugar Tests for R15. 
    Enquire within on HBA 1 C testing 
    See you soon! 

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Welcome to Mount Med Pharmacy

Mount – Med Pharmacy, located at Mount Edgecombe Plaza is an independently run pharmacy that provides for the health care needs of of the community. It also provides clinic services, and the dispensing of acute and chronic medication. It is contracted to many medical aids, and is contracted as the designated service provider (DSP) for some so that all customers receive a cost effective service.

Vision :
To make Mount Med Pharmacy the preferred option , for people to attend their health care needs.

To create an interactive, customer friendly environment, that compliments the high level of service delivery.

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